Shining Example 007: Yolanda Rabun

Shining Example 007: Yolanda Rabun
By Mr. Joe Walker

Negativity and selfishness gets great publicity in our social networking, indirect-contact society. You’d be led to believe the world’s running low on good people, that no one cares for or respects one another anymore. Their only concerns are themselves; and when they’re in need, no one would willingly lend them a hand without reward.

This is not the case. Kind, caring, selflessly-generous people still exist. Yolanda Rabun is a shining example.

Rabun’s schedule stays full. A wife, mother, and successful corporate lawyer, one can’t help wondering how she found time to become one of the most renowned smooth jazz singers and live performers in the country.

With three charting albums and hit singles like “Believe InLove”, we should assume time management is one of her many skills. With her personal life and careers always on the clock, Rabun still makes time to assist others in need.

I asked her to tell me about time she did something nice for someone he didn’t know. She shared this story.

“A time that comes to mind happened about 5 years ago.

I was home in Atlanta a few days before Christmas and had to go to the store for a last minute gift. I remember seeing this little girl so excited with her mother getting her toys for Christmas; as I recall, it was the last day the store would be open before Christmas and it was near closing time.

So with no forethought I went to the layaway department and asked them to tell me what was owed on a layaway with the most toys. They looked at me like I was crazy! It took 3 managers to come back to the layaway area to realize and accept what I was asking to do.

I remember them bringing out the big bag and the layaway clerk got so excited. She called the woman who it belonged to and said you need to come down to the store ma'am right away and pick up your layaway before Christmas; it's paid for!

I heard her screaming over the phone. The clerk gave me the phone and I said, God Bless you and Merry Christmas. I never told her my name or why. Heck I was so excited I forgot my husband was in the car waiting on me to come out. This was supposed to be a quick store run.

If I have to really think about why I was compelled to pay the layaway without consultation from my husband, notably we typically make large money decisions together, it was probably the joy the child put in the atmosphere when I passed her by. Her energy was so positive, so strong, so contagious. She was so grateful for receiving the toys that it made me want to give someone that same joy. So, I did. And in return, I received that positive energy and just telling the story to my husband alone brought him joy.”

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