Sting Finally Arrives In WWE! And I Liked It!

I was a loyal viewer of World Championship Wrestling from the time I was a young child right until they were purchased by their industry rival World Wrestling Entertainment in 2001.

From the day of their last WCW Monday Nitro television broadcast on TNT, I wondered if their top star - the highflying, painted-faced icon Sting (Steve Borden), would ever wrestle in WWE.

Sting’s appearance during the main event climax of WWE’s 2014 Survivor Series pay per view left me speechless! I couldn’t stop smiling.

As much as I’ve enjoyed professional wrestling as an adult, those times it makes me feel like a kid again are few and far between.

Witnessing  Sting appear at WWE’s Survivor series made me want to sit Indian-style in front my television while eating a bowl of Cap-N-Crunch, with a pile of action figures positioned next to me.

I write “good”,

Mr. Joe Walker