Thanks for the Advice, Julie Lawson Timmer

While out doing a bit of light shopping I happed on to a book signing by author Julie Lawson Timmer. Her acclaimed novel “Five Days Left” recently released, she was engaged in a discussion with fans, admires, aspiring writers, colleagues and peers. Naturally, I was compelled to join their conversation.

With three short stories under my belt – “Dance Off”, “How Too”, and “Keep It”, all three unconventional entertainment-inspired pieces published by this year, I feel with each one I’ve gotten a little closer to writing a novel of my own.

Self-doubt and creative reservations have been a bit of a wall around the base of my own mountain. As much as I’ve written over the years, one would think I’d have no fear of climbing to get over it. Listening to Timmer detail her ascension was valued inspiration. She also gave me some useful advice.

I scaled into Julie Lawson Timmer’s discussion and came out with solid connections and sharp hooks. It’s time to reassess this mountain.

I write "good",

Mr. Joe Walker