Tradition: Detroit Lions Will Win the Super Bowl...Someday

There are a number of traditions associated with Detroit Lions football. Most of them I’d prefer to see amended.

As a longtime supporter of my home state’s NFL franchise, I’ve grown accustomed to their traditions of losing, first half leads turned to second half melt downs, squandered 1st round draft picks, losing, not making the playoffs, and being out of Super Bowl contention, just to name a few.

Detroit hosting a Thanksgiving game is another of their traditions.

Gridiron fanatics know on turkey day to expect some pro football action following dinner. It’s as ingrained in the holiday as sweet potato pie versus pumpkin pie arguments. Another dispute is whether or not the Lions will ever win a championship.

I stand firmly on the “they will” side. I’m sure tired of eating crow and humble pie though. Stuffed.

I write "good"!

Mr. Joe Walker

Thanks for the Advice, Julie Lawson Timmer

While out doing a bit of light shopping I happed on to a book signing by author Julie Lawson Timmer. Her acclaimed novel “Five Days Left” recently released, she was engaged in a discussion with fans, admires, aspiring writers, colleagues and peers. Naturally, I was compelled to join their conversation.

With three short stories under my belt – “Dance Off”, “How Too”, and “Keep It”, all three unconventional entertainment-inspired pieces published by this year, I feel with each one I’ve gotten a little closer to writing a novel of my own.

Self-doubt and creative reservations have been a bit of a wall around the base of my own mountain. As much as I’ve written over the years, one would think I’d have no fear of climbing to get over it. Listening to Timmer detail her ascension was valued inspiration. She also gave me some useful advice.

I scaled into Julie Lawson Timmer’s discussion and came out with solid connections and sharp hooks. It’s time to reassess this mountain.

I write "good",

Mr. Joe Walker

Sting Finally Arrives In WWE! And I Liked It!

I was a loyal viewer of World Championship Wrestling from the time I was a young child right until they were purchased by their industry rival World Wrestling Entertainment in 2001.

From the day of their last WCW Monday Nitro television broadcast on TNT, I wondered if their top star - the highflying, painted-faced icon Sting (Steve Borden), would ever wrestle in WWE.

Sting’s appearance during the main event climax of WWE’s 2014 Survivor Series pay per view left me speechless! I couldn’t stop smiling.

As much as I’ve enjoyed professional wrestling as an adult, those times it makes me feel like a kid again are few and far between.

Witnessing  Sting appear at WWE’s Survivor series made me want to sit Indian-style in front my television while eating a bowl of Cap-N-Crunch, with a pile of action figures positioned next to me.

I write “good”,

Mr. Joe Walker