Tradition: Detroit Lions Will Win the Super Bowl...Someday

There are a number of traditions associated with Detroit Lions football. Most of them I’d prefer to see amended.

As a longtime supporter of my home state’s NFL franchise, I’ve grown accustomed to their traditions of losing, first half leads turned to second half melt downs, squandered 1st round draft picks, losing, not making the playoffs, and being out of Super Bowl contention, just to name a few.

Detroit hosting a Thanksgiving game is another of their traditions.

Gridiron fanatics know on turkey day to expect some pro football action following dinner. It’s as ingrained in the holiday as sweet potato pie versus pumpkin pie arguments. Another dispute is whether or not the Lions will ever win a championship.

I stand firmly on the “they will” side. I’m sure tired of eating crow and humble pie though. Stuffed.

I write "good"!

Mr. Joe Walker