Countdown to WWE Royal Rumble 2016: What if Kofi Kingston Wins?

We’re counting down to the Royal Rumble: a variation of the traditional Battle Royal match with a total of 30 competitors. Two WWE Superstars start in the ring, every 90 seconds thereafter another Superstar enters. A Superstar is eliminated when they’re thrown over the top rope and both feet touch the floor. Traditionally, the last remaining Superstar is guaranteed a championship opportunity at WrestleMania versus the current WWE World Heavyweight Champion. On Jan. 24th the Champion is required to defend his title in the Royal Rumble match; the first time its winner claims gold since Rumble ’92. | By Mr. Joe Walker

WWE Superstar: Kofi Kingston
Height: 6'
Weight: 212 lbs.
Ghana, West Africa

The high flying Kofi Kingston has incredible career highlights – in ring performances and title reigns. Antics with his New Day cohorts have thrust him firmly into the spotlight. Clips of he, Xavier Woods and Big E have earned high replay value. Kofi outlasting his competitors in the Royal Rumble to claim the WWE World Heavyweight Championship would undoubtedly move to the top of his highlight list, one Kofi himself would likely replay over and over. It’s the only title to elude him, and with New Day backing him this would be his greatest opportunity. With so many of WWE’s top brass on the shelf due to injury, a champion Kofi and company antagonizing whomever is his top contender could make for an entertaining WrestleMania main event.

Royal Rumble Winners: Jim Duggan (1988), Big John Studd (’89), Hulk Hogan (’90, ’91), Ric Flair (’92), Yokozuna (’93), Bret Hart/Lex Luger (’94), Shawn Michaels (’95, ’96), Steve Austin (’97, ’98), Mr. McMahon (’99), The Rock (2000), Steve Austin (’01), Triple H (’02), Brock Lesnar (’03), Chris Benoit (’04), Batista (’05), Rey Mysterio (’06), The Undertaker (’07), John Cena (’08), Randy Orton (’09), Edge (’10), Alberto Del Rio (’11), Sheamus (’12), John Cena ('13), Batista (’14), Roman Reigns (’15)